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Conditions Particulières

Please note whilst every effort has been made to give a faithful translation of the articles in question , in case of dispute, only the original French text is legally binding.


Any purchase of a journey implies the acceptance, by the person making the main booking, and on behalf of all persons on the booking, of the following specific conditions.


The reservation request must be signed and accompanied by a deposit of at 30 % of the total price of the holiday. An on-line demand can be substituted for postal delivery. For reservation requests received less than 45 days before the date of departure, the totality of the holiday must be paid. The reservation is only firm on receipt of our Confirmation of Reservation which should reach you within seven days by post or by e-mail.

The payment of the balance must be made at the latest 45 days before departure without any reminder on our part. Any customer not having paid the balance by the agreed date will be considered as having cancelled his holiday.


We may obliged to cancel journeys less than 21 days before the date of departure for unpredictable and insuperable circumstances attributable to third parties to the contract, or for reasons of force majeure ; for example - safety, social unrest, strikes, natural disasters and, in these cases, no compensation will be paid. Your deposit or total payment will be refunded.

We may be obliged to cancel tours due to lack of participants. In this case you will be informed at the latest 22 days before the departure. The minimum number is stipulated in every programme. In the absence of any mention, the tour is not subject to a minimum number of participants.

If you cancel your tour, you must inform us by registered letter. The date of reception of the letter in our offices determines the amount retained before refund, which is the following per person :

Between time of booking and 46 days before the departure : 5% of total cost per person.

Between 45 and 30 days before departure : 30%

Between 29 and 21 days before departure : 50%

Between 21 and 8 days before departure : 75%

Less than 8 days before departure : 90%

No show : 100%


You have to respect the requirements of the formalities of police, customs and health authorities for your journey. We advise you to check with the authorities of the destination country the list of mandatory documents (passport, national ID card, vaccination certificates) which you will need. The information appearing in our programmes is given only as a guide. If a visa is not granted to you by the consulate or the embassy of the country of destination or of transit, we cannot be held responsible.

Certain countries require that the validity of the passport is at least 6 months after the date of return, that you have a return or continuation ticket and sufficient funds. Children have to possess a passport from 15 years of age. Non-French nationals have to check details with the appropriate Embassy.

Any expenses incurred in meeting these formalities remain the sole responsibility of the client. A passenger who could not join a tour, for lack of required documents, for example a passport, visas, certificates of vaccinations, tickets etc. has no redress against our company.

NB: If you have not conformed with the formalities of police, customs and health authorities of the country concerned by the date of departure, you may lose the totality of the holiday price( subject to ii above) , this cause of cancellation not being guaranteed by the insurance companies.


During the holiday, the itinerary, the programme schedule as well as the activities may be modified in case of problems concerning : safety, weather conditions (bad weather, lack of snow, excessive cold etc.), or civil disorders etc. or because of unpredictable changes of transport schedules , for example changed connections, delays etc. In these cases, our representatives in charge locally are sole authorized to decide on any modifications to be carried out: (transport, stopovers, itineraries, programme schedule, activities, etc.).


On no account can our company be held responsible for possible problems encountered; this journey remains your sole responsibility and does not form part of the contract of sale.


The organizer is responsible for the satisfactory organisation of the holiday, however he cannot be held responsible

for events resulting from circumstances independent of his own volition or as a result of events due to a case of force majeure.

Nevertheless, even in these circumstances, the organizer will do everything possible to find appropriate solutions to surmount the difficulties encountered, without having necessarily to support the costs incurred.


discoveryTRAINS in its role as tour operator, has to choose various service providers (carriers, local providers, premises, accommodation) for the execution of its holidays and activities. Railway companies and buses used offer all the guarantees of comfort and safety required by local statutory authorities.

The consequences of any accidents or incidents that might arise during the execution of the transport are governed by the local rules regulating transport, according to the law of the country concerned.

In case of failure of a service provider during the transport which is an integral part of the tour or the holiday, or if, for serious reasons (political circumstances, requisition, strikes, weather conditions), we were not able to supply a substantial part of the services planned in the contract and which represented an important percentage of the price paid by the customer , we would do our best to replace those services with equivalent services.

We may be obliged when circumstances force us, to substitute one means of transport for another, an hotel for another, or to take a different route than the planned one or to cancel certain excursions, without prejudging any claims for compensation.

Any perceived failure in the execution of the contract must be notified on the spot and detailed and justified as soon as possible, in writing, to the provider , as well as to the organizer or his representative.

Any complaint relative to a holiday must be sent to discoveryTRAINS' registered office, by registered letter, accompanied by original documentary evidence or the report written by our provider, within one week after the date of the return journey.

discoveryTRAINS cannot be considered liable for the consequences of the following events:

- loss or theft of the airline or rail tickets for your journey to the departure point. Failure to present, or presentation of out-of-date identity documents, out-of-date health certificates or documents of insufficient validity (ID card, passport, visas, certificates of vaccination).

- incidents or unpredictable and insuperable events of a third party such as: wars, political unrest, strikes, technical problems, bankruptcy of a provider, extreme weather, delays, breakdowns, loss or theft of luggage or other effects.

- one or several delays encountered originating in one of the cases mentioned above as well as modifications to the itinerary, transport, accommodation, execution of the programme or the activities which might subsequently ensue. No compensation is provided for the modification of the duration of the programme initially planned nor for any delay for onward connections. Possible additional expenses will remain the customer's responsibility.

discoveryTRAINS reserves the right to modify dates, schedules, itineraries, programme schedule as well as activities if it judges that the safety or security of the customer or its staff is endangered, without giving rise to compensation. We reserve the right to exclude a participant whose behaviour might compromise the well-being of the group.


Customers are responsible, throughout their stay, for the surveillance of their personal affairs and luggage.


Unless otherwise mentioned, our prices are fixed prices. If the prices are subject to variations, the details and conditions of possible variations are stipulated in the description of the tour.


Some of our circuits can include, or have as an option, activities.

discoveryTRAINS can on no account be considered responsible for local conditions preventing the normal organisation of planned activities. Nevertheless the local representatives will look for solutions to surmount any difficulties encountered but cannot be considered responsible for any extra costs incurred.

For use of snowmobiles, the drivers will have to be in ownership of a car driving licence or motorcycle licence and will have to present the original of this licence before the departure of the activities. The required minimum age is 18 years.

The weather conditions, the state of snow coverage, technical difficulties, safety of participants or other cases of force majeure, may lead to last minute changes to the planned programmes, especially those concerning snowmobiles, dog sleds, cross-country skiing or snowshoes.


Details concerning the tour (schedules, meetings, names of hotels etc.) will be confirmed to you at least 10 days before departure, sent by e-mail or by post. If not received by this date you are requested to contact the company.


Any shortened holiday or non- participation in planned activities does not lead to an entitlement to refund. Changes to the services supplied, at the customer's request (hotel, category of room etc.), may entail tariff supplements. These are not refundable.

The company cannot be considered responsible for consequences due to the theft, loss or deterioration of purchases made during the holiday nor for personal effects. In hotels, trains, transport or ships that form part of the tour contract, our responsibility is defined by the limits fixed in article N°1953 of the Civil Code.

xiii) PHOTOS

Photos and illustrations appearing in our programmes were taken in the countries in which we organize our tours. They may not however represent an exact illustration of what you will see on the tour chosen, as this tour may take place in a different season or in a different place.


The data collected is exclusively intended for internal usage and may be communicated to our partners; hotels, insurers etc. On no account is data given, communicated or sold to third parties. You have a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of data which concerns you (article N° 34 of the law " Informatique et Libertés") To exercise this right you should write to the company's registered office.


discoveryTRAINS is covered for its professional civil liability by the contract signed with:

HISCOX, 19 rue Louis Le Grand, F-75002, PARIS.

Policy N° 0079717.

Amount: 3 000 000€

For your peace of mind, discoveryTrains proposes an insurance with ELVIA Mondial Assistance: civil liability abroad, medial assistance, repatriation, medical expenses and hospitalization. This guarantee is mandatory if you do not have your holiday insurance cover.

Unless otherwise mentioned, insurance covering the risks of cancellation and loss/theft of luggage, is not included in our holidays.


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