Train tours in Spain

Are you tempted by spanish luxury train tours ? Discover our luxury train trips in Spain. Choose your rail cruise in Spain aboard El Transcantabrico, El Expreso de la Robla or Al Andalus: you're sure to make the right choice, because Spain's luxury trains offer excellent value for money.

Andalusia by regular train

INDIVIDUAL (7 days, no overnight stay) Discover Spain's largest autonomous region. Experience the hospitality of its people and the Andalusian way of life!

Prices from: 1926 €

Costa Verde Express train: Northern Spain by comfort train

COMFORT TRAIN (6 days, 5 nights on board) An unforgettable rail cruise through green Spain on board the Costa Verde Express train. Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

Prices from: 3600 €

El Expreso de la Robla Bilbao-Léon

COMFORT TRAIN (3 days, 2 nights on board) A perfect introduction to rail cruising, this comfortable trip is also an ideal way to discover lesser-known Spanish regions.

Prices from: 1100 €

El Transcantabrico (luxury train in northern Spain)

LUXURY TRAIN (8 days, 7 nights on board) Cross Northern Spain to Compostela on El Transcantábrico, Spain's most prestigious luxury train.

Prices from: 7500 €

The Andalusian route (Al Andalus train, luxury train spain)

LUXURY TRAIN (7 days, 6 nights on board) Aboard an authentic luxury train, plunge into the heart of Andalusia: the Giralda in Seville, the Alhambra in Granada, Cordoba. An unforgettable experience.

Prices from: 4700 €

Spain: Renfe rail cruises

Spain is the European country where rail cruises and luxury train tours are the most developed. This is undoubtedly due to something unique about Spain: all the country's luxury trains and major tourist trains are owned by the national railway company, RENFE. It's the only example of its kind in Europe. In France, for example, The Grand Tour France, the only luxury train is owned by a private company called by Puy du Fou. In Scotland (Royal Scotsman) or Italy (VSOE), they belong to the Belmond company...
In Spain, all the special trains belong to the national company.

Spanish luxury train tours : North and South

The best-known of these luxury trains in the north of Spain is called El Transcantabrico. It runs along the north coast of Spain, from the Spanish Basque Country to the holy city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia.
But there's another luxury train in the news these days. This is the Al Andalus, known as the luxury train of Andalusia. Up until a few years ago, this train from the south was content to run loop routes around Seville. Recently, it has changed its route to Seville-Malaga. And the big news is that the Al Andalus train can also be taken on a completely different rail cruise: one that links the south and the north, from Seville to Santiago de Compostela, an intinerary known as "The Spanish Symphony".

Rail cruise and pilgrimage in northern Spain

If you're not tempted by these mythical trains, or if their price is holding you back, you should know that rail cruising in Spain is not the exclusive preserve of luxury trains. On the same route as the famous El Transcantabrico luxury train, there is another special train in the north of Spain. It's called El Expreso de la Robla, and it goes to Santiago de Compostela. It offers a tour that includes several nights on board, BUT it's not a luxury train and its fares are very reasonable.
This special spanish train is sometimes referred to as the "Pilgrims' Train". In fact, if you travel on it, you can choose between a sightseeing tour with bus excursions, a walking tour along the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela, or a combination of the two!
(Please note that the El Expreso de la Robla train will not be running in 2023! We hope it will be back on the rails in 2024).


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