About Us

"The true worth of your travels lies not in where you come to be at journey's end, but in who you come to be along the way"

Passionate about both rail travel and discovering other cultures, discoveryTRAINS's founder aims to share with others his experience and knowledge, offering to a wider public access to quality, rail-based discovery tours.

The quality of the tours is assured by choosing itineraries and stopovers that are well-balanced, by respecting the local environments and by ensuring that the tours benefit not only our clients but also the regions visited. These tours help sometimes isolated areas or rail lines, left behind by the march of "progress", to live - or indeed experience a revival.

According to the World Bank, regions that have tourists visiting them receive on average only 45% of the revenue generated by the flow of tourists in their area. Our specific structure and business model should ensure that we reach a figure of approximately 65%.

Our business model is based on a light, no frills, reactive structure, whilst ensuring you get proper attention and consideration at all times. We don't print expensive programme brochures, thereby saving money, trees and water, we use almost exclusively "Open Source" software and programmes for our day-to-day management, saving on the purchase of operating licences, and we work in a network, sharing knowledge and data in a secure and reliable manner.

This approach to our business allows us to make savings that you benefit from, but which also enable us to pay our partners in the countries visited a just price for the services rendered.

On a 'plane or a high-speed train you simply "travel", but on a train you "journey" ; and a railway line is both a social bond and a social link, allowing a different approach to tourism - and the unique rythm of rail travel facilitates assimilation and invites relaxation.

Come and discover it with us !