Train Travel in Norway

It is said that train travel in Norway is among the most beautiful in the world. Would you like to experience the famous Flåm tourist train? Between fjords and islands, waterfalls and mountains, Norwegian trains offer a condensed view of the country's breathtaking landscapes.

Southern Norway, the secret paradise

INDIVIDUAL (8 days, no overnight stay) - Discover Norway's Côte d'Azur, with its villages of white wooden houses, secret beaches, idyllic islands and cinematic cliffs.

Prices from: 1170 €

The fjords of Norway (Coastal Express + Rauma Train)

INDIVIDUAL (8 days, 1 night aboard the Coastal Express) Wake up in the heart of Norway's most beautiful fjords and follow with the Rauma train. A dream setting: the best of Norway.

Prices from: 1740 €

Wonders of Norway (Flam Train + Ferry)

INDIVIDUAL (6 days, no overnight train) From Oslo, take the splendid rail route through Norway and discover the coast by ferry to Bergen.

Prices from: 1448 €

The Flåm Railway: The Most Beautiful Train Journey in the World?

According to Lonely Planet, train travel in Norway aboard the Flåm Railway is considered the most beautiful train journey in the world. National Geographic also ranks it among the top ten train journeys in Europe. Indeed, the Flåm line is one of the most famous railways globally, making train travel in Norway a truly spectacular experience.

Despite its brief duration, the Flåm Railway offers one of the most breathtaking train travels in Norway. The route stretches about 20 km from Myrdal station to the village of Flåm, taking roughly an hour and passing through numerous tunnels. Between these points, the scenery is extraordinary, often described as "the very embodiment of the Norwegian landscape" by local train experts. From your train window, view verdant mountains, colorful farms, and stunning waterfalls like Kjosfossen, where the train pauses briefly allowing passengers to feel the spray.

Beyond the scenic views, the Flåm Railway's steep gradient also captivates the half-million passengers who ride this Norwegian train annually. Myrdal is situated over 860 meters above sea level, whereas Flåm is at sea level by the Aurlandsfjord. To manage this rapid descent, the line includes hairpin turns, one of which is outdoors, effectively reducing altitude quickly. This engineering feat requires two locomotives, one at the front and the other at the rear, both equipped with a special braking system. In summer, the Flåm is particularly popular, offering up to eight daily trips. In winter, its safety features allow it to function as a ski lift!


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