Train travel in Slovenia

Train travel in Slovenia: Discover our train circuits in and through Slovenia.

Venice-Istanbul (Golden Eagle Danube Express)

LUXURY TRAIN (12 days, 6 nights on board) An unforgettable "Balkan Escape" between Venice and Istanbul. Cross 9 countries on board the luxurious Golden Eagle Danube Express.

Prices from: 16795 €

History of the Train in Slovenia

The development of the railway in Slovenia began under the Austro-Hungarian Empire (mid-19th century - 1918) with the construction of the Southern Railway (Südbahn), connecting Vienna, the capital of Austria-Hungary, to Trieste, its main port. This original route traverses present-day Slovenia from the northeast to the southeast, connecting the now Slovenian cities of Maribor, Celje, Ljubljana, and Postojna.

Following the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1918, Slovenia became part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and later socialist Yugoslavia. Train travel in Slovenia saw significant development post-World War II, with efforts focusing on enhancing connections with neighboring countries.

The independence of 1991 marked the foundation of Slovenian Railways (Slovenske železnice, SŽ). The national company inherited a relatively well-developed railway infrastructure but needed upgrades. Since the 2000s, several projects to improve cross-border connections have been undertaken, significantly increasing the possibilities for train travel in Slovenia.


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