Individual ticketing Russia

We can provide you with tickets and reservations for a number of routes to Russia and within Russia, especially :

Paris-Berlin-Warsaw-Moscow and vice versa

Nice-Vienna-Moscow and vice versa

Berlin-Moscow/St Petersberg and vice versa

Helsinki-St Petersberg/Moscow and vice versa

Moscow-St Petersberg and vice versa

Moscow-Vladivostok and vice versa

Moscow-Yekaterinberg (Sverdlosk) and vice versa

Moscow-Irkutsk and vice versa

Moscow-Petrozavodsk and vice versa

Moscow-Murmansk and vice versa

Other destinations on request.

For all your requirements please use the form on our contact page or contact us by telephone remembering to prepare the following information :

Date(s) of journey
Number of persons
Age and sex of persons
Desired level of comfort (1st Class, Sleeping Berth, Couchette etc.)

Tel : + 33 (0) 1 43 74 84
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Our fees :

10 € per booking for a single journey (whatever the number of passengers on the booking) and 15 € a return trip. For multiple single journeys, 10 € for the first segment and 5 € per subsequent segment.  Postal charges : Shipment by bar-coded (tracked) post : 3 €

Payment by international bank transfer or by credit/debit card (by telephone via a secure (https) email link).