VIA Rail Canada

Our Company is an authorised agent for all ViaRail Canada's ticket and rail pass sales. We are able to provide you with all your ticket and seat reservation requirements for travel within Canada and as we are also official Amtrak agents, we can offer you a "one stop shop" for seamless rail travel between Canada and the United States. We can also offer you train plus hôtel bookings along your itinerary. You'll find details of ViaRail Canada's rail pass offer on our Rail Passes page.

VIA Rail Promo from March 11, 2019 to April 07, 2019

20% discount on the best available rate!

Only  Sleeper Plus Class (berths or cabins) all routes, and Touring Class (Jasper-PR and vv.)

Not applicable to Prestige Class bookings

Travel period: From April 12, 2019 to September 7, 2019

Click here to book all your VIA Rail journeys: VIA Rail booking request including multiple journeys

For your travel plans in Canada we suggest you consult our VIA Rail timetable: and current conditions of carriage for luggage.

You may make a booking request online using the links above and you will receive a detailed quote in euros for the travel requested. You may then confirm your acceptance of tariffs and conditions and pay for your tickets by international bank transfer or by debit/credit via a secure (https) link. Once payment is received your tickets are emailed to you; just print and go !

For any special requirements you can contact us by using this form

Our fees :
One-way ticket:
6 € whatever the number of persons on the booking
Return ticket :
8 € whatever the number of persons on the booking
Multiple one-way tickets :
6 € for the first segment, 2 € per subsequent segment, whatever the number of persons on the booking