Our Rail Tours

We don' t have a "one size fits all" approach to rail touring. We believe the variety and scope of our tours will enable each of our clients to find something that suits their particular tastes. We currently provide the follwing types of rail holidays :

Individual tours

As the name suggests, you travel independently, not as part of a group. We have carefully designed these tours to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your rail holiday : well-planned itineraries, enchanting scenery, quality hôtel accommodation and local flavour are their hallmarks. You'll set off worry-free with a complete holiday package which includes your rail tickets and seat reservations, easy to read timetables and holiday schedule, your hôtel reservations and ideas for visits and excursions. We are constantly expanding the range on offer so please come back often to check on the latest destinations.

Made-to-measure tours

We are receiving more and more requests for personalised tours and we are happy to accommodate your wish-list and transform it into the holiday that's "just right" for you and you alone. We can work with you to plan and organise the rail journeys, overnight accommodation, excursions and visits and ensure you get the just the right mix. These tours can be for individuals, couples, families and groups - just send an introductory email to us via the form on the contact page.

Escorted Tours

Some of our standard tours are in small groups and in the larger groups they usually include clients from other countries. You'll benefit from the economies of scale and from the rigorous planning process that goes into the organisation of these rail tours and you will also have the opportunity to sample destinations that you might not otherwise have had.

Luxury Tours

The luxury train journeys on offer have been carefully selected and you will really enjoy being pampered, whilst also discovering fine cuisine, beautiful countryside and genial company. We are also expanding the number of trips on offer so that means you can come back often for continual pampering...

We do hope you will find the tour that suits you and we are more than happy to give you individual advice on any of our rail trips.