Clients' Comments

 A selection of unsolicited comments from our clients  :

"We've come back full of excellent memories"

"Very good organisation "

"The tour guide was always to hand and even anticipated our personal needs "

"We'll definitely book again with this company"

"I'll certainly recommend this trip to my friends"

"Overall price/quality ratio = excellent"

"An incredible journey, learning about another culture...fabulous scenery"

"An agreable and surprising journey of unforgettable experience beyond the Arctic Circle"

"Thank you for being the invisible hand that arranged everything"

"I really enjoyed this journey... it's sufficent to just let it take its course..."

"The discoveryTRAINS escort, passionate about his work, made the journey most agreable, thank you for everything"

"Thank your for this wonderful voyage of discovery in Lapland "

"Hello, just to confirm we received our Budapest-Paris tickets. Once again thank you for the great service and we'll be in touch again soon no doubt".

"We'd like to praise the service we received from discoveryTRAINS who faultlessly organised our travel schedule"

"I have lovely memories of our "escapade" to the Arctic Circle"

"To our tour guide - don't change jobs ! "

"Thank you very much for all your efforts"

"I'd like to thank you for being so efficient"

"Thank you for the excellent preparation of my railtour"

"Thanks for your help throughout the journey - my trip was really awesome"

"Will use you again for the summer trip"

"Thanks, we received everything and are very happy with the service provided"

"It was a beautiful, very beautiful adventure "

"We had a fantastic journey"

"It was so much more than we expected"

"I would particularly like to thank you for all the efforts you made"

"I've received everything. I am very pleased with your service".

"Magnificent scenery and excellent service"

"Thanks for the excellent programme"

"If I plan another rail tour I shan't hesitate to contact you again"

"Your explanations were very clear. Thank you so much for the time and trouble you took to help us".

"Thank you I've just received my reservations. Thank you for being so efficient."

"We had an excellent holiday... a journey to be recommended"

"Gooday. Just to confirm we received our ticket Budapest-Venice;once again thank you for being so efficient.No doubt we'll be in touch again soon".

"Perfect organisation "

"I only just saw your email. Thank you for your assistance. Great service" !

"Excellent journey, a total success"

"It's always a pleasure to deal with a competent and friendly person.."

"Thank you for being so fast in responding both by telephone and email. I shan't hesitate to recommend your services for anyone wishing to reserve ViaRail tickets".

"Back from our trip, this little message just to say our journey was marvellous in every aspect"

" I am very satisified with your services and I will certainly be recommending you to my globetrotter friends"

"I'd like to thank you for the excellent service you gave me for my Interrail Pass and I had an enjoyable journey through Lapland"

"I thank you for the very efficient and excellent service"