Midnight Sun Train & Cruise

Midnight Sun Train & Cruise

The Midnight Sun programme combines two wonders of the northern world : Swedish Lapland's forests and lakes and the majestic beauty of Norway's fjords and valleys, two jewels in one crown !
Starting in Stockholm, this 10 day odyssey will take you first to central and northern Sweden and the land of the Sami people and reindeer husbandry.

Midnight Sun Train & Cruise Midnight Sun Train & Cruise Midnight Sun Train & Cruise Midnight Sun Train & Cruise Midnight Sun Train & Cruise Midnight Sun Train & Cruise


Starting in Stockholm, this 10 day odyssey will take you first to central and northern Sweden and the land of the Sami people and reindeer husbandry. Heading ever further north, through the forests of the Laponia world heritage park, you'll then cross the mountain divide between Sweden and Norway. On the train to Narvik, you'll get a first glimpse of Norway's majestic fjords as you travel onwards to the port of Harstad and the rendez-vous with your cruise ship for three days of navigation.

Through the Lofoten and Veståralen islands and past the towering summits of the Seven Sisters, the ship threads its way in and out of fjords and small harbours, allowing you time to briefly step ashore and sample life in these remote corners of northern Europe. Once in Trondheim you'll cross again the  Swedish-Norwegian border as you head back by train across the mountains on your way to Stockholm.

Scandinavia's beauty will be forever etched on your memory by the time you arrive back in Stockholm !

Departure point: Stockholm
End point: Stockholm
Departure dates: 2013 :
June 4th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 26th, 27th
July 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 27th
August : 1st, 6th, 10th
Language spoken: English/Anglais,  
Journey type: Escorted / Accompagné,  Individual / Individuel,  


Day 1

Independent morning arrivals in Stockholm or second day in Stockholm if you have chosen the pre-tour optional night . Your 3*** hôtel is very near the Central Station, arrival and departure point for main line trains and Arlanda and Skavsta airport connections. The hotel is also close to  Drottningsgatan ("Queen's Street"), Stockholm's main thoroughfare, with its many shops, bars and restaurants.
All of Stockholm's city centre sights are within easy reach on foot; the Town hall, the Royal Palace, the Old Town (Gamla Stan), and of course the harbour, gateway to Stockholm's archipelago and from which a myriad of ferries leave for the nearby islands.

Day 2

After a scandinavian buffet breakfast, you have the whole morning to continue discovering Stockholm's many charms. You leave Stockholm after lunch and take a main line train to Mora, a picturesque town situated on the shores of lake Siljan in Dalarna. You arrive at the end of the afternoon and have the evening and following morning free to explore.

The 3*** hôtel is in the centre of Mora and ideally situated for sampling the attractions the town has to offer; the lakeshore, the old town, the Zorn Museum and gardens, the local handicraft....

Day 3

After breakfast you can visit the Zorn museum and gardens and in the beginning of the afternoon your special railcar will draw into the station to take you on the first leg of your journey northward.

As you leave the lakeside setting the train climbs slowly towards the region of "Orsa Finnmark", a relatively desolate area, and so called because many settlers from Finland came there to work in the forestry industry which developed there.

There are stops en route for refreshments and for visits.

After crossing the region the train descends towards the shores of lake Storsjön (Great Lake) and  arrives in the town of Östersund around  20h30; your  3 ***  hôtel for the night is close to the station and to the town centre.

Day 4

After a copious breakfast, you leave at 7h15 with the special railcar for Southern Lapland, making several stops en route. You also stop for an early lunch in Vilhemina before midday, and arrive in Arvidsjaur mid afternoon where you take a short walk to the hôtel some 800m from the station. (Luggage is transferred by van).

Your end of afternoon, evening and following morning are free to visit this small town situated just to the south of the Arctic Circle ; numerous activities are available, for example a visit to the local museum, the old town, fishing in the lake, swimming at the pool, horse riding etc.

Day 5
In the afternoon you rejoin your railcar which continues on to Gällivare, via the Muddus World Heritage Park. You arrive in the evening in Gällivare and just cross the road to your 3*** hôtel opposite the station.

During the journey to Gällivare the train will stop as it crosses the Arctic Circle and also make an early evening meal stop in the Park.

Day 6

In the morning you board a main line train in Gällivare for a spectacular journey to the port of  Narvik on the other side of the mountain range that separates Norway from Sweden. On arrival you have a short (2 hours) coach transfer to the nearby port of Harstad, from which the Hurigruten coastal service arrives and departs.

You arrive early evening at your  3*** hôtel.    

Day 7

After an early buffet breakfast, you walk the very short distance to the harbour and board the ship for the first day of your coastal cruise southwards through the beautiful scenery of the Lofoten and Vesterålen islands. After the day at sea you can dine at your leisure before rejoining your cabin which includes shower and WC

Day 8

After breakfast you'll have the whole day to contemplate the fjords and Torghatten and De Syv Söstre (Seven Sisters) mountains as we continue our progression towards Trondheim. Lunch and dinner at your leisure.

The ports of call allow time for very short shore excursions.

Day 9

Early arrival in the port of Trondheim and the day is free to explore this delightful university town, nestled between fjord and mountain and which benefits from a surprisingly mild climate given its latitude. The Gulf Stream plays an important rôle in keeping Trondheim relatively mild throughout the year.

You leave Trondheim on a scheduled train end of afternoon and once again cross the mountain divide between Norway and Sweden, arriving in Östersund at 20.30.

After a short walk to your 3*** hôtel, evening free.

Day 10

After a buffet breakfast return train journey to Stockholm, arriving at Stockholm Central Station in the beginning of the afternoon.

Trains can be late, so we strongly advise you not to book a flight too early on Sunday.


The tariff of 1945 € includes, per person from Stockholm :
(On the basis of two persons sharing a room, all taxes included)
Accommodation :
Accommodation and buffet breakfasts : 7 nights in 3/4*** hôtels
Reserved inside cabin with shower and WC onboard ship: 2 nights.
2 Breakfasts on board ship.
Transport  :
The spécial railcar Mora-Östersund-Arvidsjaur-Gälliväre
Reserved seats on main line trains : Stockholm-Mora, Gällivare-Narvik and Trondheim-Östersund-Stockholm
The coach transfer to Harstad
Train tour guide between Mora and Gällivare

This tariff does not include  :
Insurance :
Cancellation/Medical/Repatriation  : 85 €
Loss/theft of luggage (optional) but included in our Medical/Repatriation insurance.
Single supplement for the week, including single-berth cabin : 560 €
Outside cabin supplement: 90 €
Supplement for a child: please enquire for family options/tariffs

Meals (other than breakfasts) during the tour; your special train stops often and you can pre-order light lunches or snacks for approximately 10 €. Evening meals can be taken at your hôtel or in one of the restaurants or snack bars in the towns visited.


Entry requirements for European citizens Valid Identity Card or Passport. Your Passport should have at least two empty pages. If you are not a citizen of the Eurpopean Union please contact the appropriate consular services for advice.

You are going beyond the Artic Circle and temperatures are much lower than in most European countries. During the day the temperature can vary between 12°C et 25°C, and nights can be very cool. Mosquito repellent and weather proof clothing are sensible things to have with you.

There are some short walks between stations and hôtels ; usually less than 200-300 metres but you will have to carry your own luggage during these transfers and also place your luggage on racks in the train. We advise you therefore to travel as lightly as possible, with a small piece of luggage.

Money (Applies to all tours to Scandinavia)
Sweden, like Denmark and Norway, isn't part of the Euro zone. The local currency in Sweden is the Swedish crown and one Euro equates to roughly 10 crowns. Confusingly crowns are also the local currencies of Norway and Denmark but they are not interchangeable and have different foreign currency values. Almost all major credit cards are accepted and you will find ATM's in all the towns where we stay.
For the meals that are not included in the programme, a light lunch might cost around 70-90 Swedish crowns. Eating out in restaurants for an evening dinner with wine included can however be more expensive than in other countries, except perhaps the UK. A special mention should be made for Norway where prices are approximately 50% higher than in other European countries. You can check all exchange rates before leaving by using our currency converter on our links page.

English is widely spoken in both Sweden and Norway, other foreign languages (French, German etc.) far less so. In the north of Lapland, inhabitants often speak in addition to Swedish, one of the several variants of the sami language which is spoken in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.
Swedes and Norwegians attach great importance to respecting Mother Nature and like cleanliness and respect for others. If you smoke please consider bringing a travel ashtray with you and note that all trains, hotels, bars and restaurants are strictly non-smoking.

Journey to Stockholm and back
You have numerous possibilities ; the following airline companies have flights from major European cities  to Stockholm : Lufthansa, Air France, Norwegian, Ryanair, SAS.  You can also get to Stockholm by train quite easily from most cities and we will be pleased to supply details on request.


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